Your Financial Data, All in One Place

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Aggregate and prepare your data, forecast performance, analyze metrics, and share insights. With guided expertise from start to finish.

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Optimize metrics + performance with customized KPI Dashboards

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Calculate and analyze your financial metrics that matter most for your business.

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Use customer Insights to improve efficiency in expansion and acquisition efforts.

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Utilize cash monitoring and track every dollar in and out of your business to know exactly how much runway you have.

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Easily share an Investor Report of your business with the data that investors and boards want to see.

Make Your Financial Data an Asset

Efficiently use your time and resources

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Create defendable forecasts using your own data to confidently make better, more informed business decisions. Tackle budgeting, headcount, and scenario analysis all based on the SaaS business model.

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Get the Answers You Need

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Finance is not one-size-fits-all, and you need a solution that understands both the SaaS industry and your specific business. Our platform is built and backed by our team of SaaS finance experts to give you guided insights along the way.

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$500 million+

Institutional capital raised by our clients


# of Founders and CFOs we've worked with

KPI Sense customers
CEO and Co-Founder of Jobzology Travis Hevelone

“As the CEO of a SaaS company who didn’t have a financial background I was living in “spreadsheet hell”.  Tracking clients, contract dates, ARR, LTV:CAC and trying to reconcile QuickBooks left me scattered. I was able to report to investors but had no real understanding of what it meant or how to use it all.

In working with KPI Sense I have
built confidence in what our financials are telling us but most importantly, I am able to make real decisions based on our metrics to grow the business.”

Travis Hevelone - Co-Founder and CEO of Jobzology

We’re on a mission to bring previously inaccessible finance support to startups and SaaS companies.

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