Strategic CFO Reporting and Insights for SaaS & Subscription Businesses at Bookkeeping Prices 

How It Works

KPISense takes financial data from your bookkeeping software and other key metrics from data sources like Salesforce and SaaSOptics.

We use our proprietary process to take your data and turn it into an enterprise-grade reporting dashboard that can be used for strategic decision making, board meetings and other management presentations.

After this process is finalized, KPISense will handle the rest. Each month, you will receive a complete and updated KPI dashboard with analytics and insights from our financial experts to help you grow your business. 

Relax! No more fretting over a hot keyboard into the wee hours of the night preparing a KPI dashboard or model that won't get used. Turn your strategic, financial data into an asset, not a liability.

Our Services

Financial Modelling

Cash Forecasting

Valuation Forecasting

Predictive Analysis

Business Insights

Strategic CFO Support

Ad hoc Reporting

Why KPISense ?

KPIs are Unreliable

Metrics typically have poor metadata, with each stakeholder looking at metrics in a different way. Data quality is often poor and this data, which is shared in management and board meetings, is hard to audit and define on a consistent basis for all audiences.

KPIs don't Guide Strategy

Financial models and KPI dashboards are rarely used in early and growth-stage businesses to effectively guide critical business decisions. Many executives view these reports as "check-the-box" activities for their board and investors. 

Finance & Ops are Neglected

For many growing software and subscription businesses, strategic finance and operations hires are a luxury. Even with well-staffed organizations, there are typically significant time constraints that prevent most businesses from building and maintaining accurate FP&A reporting.

Use Cases


Net Retention



Fundraising Preparation

Optimize SaaS Metrics

( CAC, LTV, payback )


Financial Statements

Accurately Forecast

Cash Runway


Board Reporting


Valuation Range

Align Management Reporting

About Us

William Cordes - FOUNDER & CEO

For the past 8 years, Will has been solving business financial problems for clients in software businesses, and emerging technology companies. Over the course of his career, he has operated, advised and invested in over 100 leading software and technology-enabled businesses.



After recognizing the unique financial needs of SaaS businesses, Will started Cordes Consulting in 2014. Since inception, he has provided outsourced CFO and strategic management consulting services to over 40 SaaS and software companies. He recognizes the challenges that SaaS companies face as they scale and grow their businesses. Will's previous clients have raised over $180 million in aggregate funding from many of the top VCs and business accelerators in the world.


Will also has prior experience working with SaaS businesses leading Corporate Development, M&A and Strategy (Infogix and MarketTrack) and in Investment Banking (Wells Fargo Securities).


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