Why KPI Sense?

We’re sure we’ll be a great match. Here are a few reasons why:

Been there, done that

Our team has worked on engagements with over 100 different Founders and CFOs of different businesses around the globe. We’ve built solutions for a variety of unique scenarios, so we know how to customize just for you.


Traditional service providers are generalists and lack the ability to provide data-driven insights around SaaS-specific KPIs and Metrics. We’re dialed into the nuances of SaaS and built out of a desire to fill those gaps.


Our offering is priced at a fraction of the cost of a traditional outsourced CFO and/or a full-time VP of Finance. Fully transparent and customized only to what you need.

Expertise + Automation

Strategic finance is a tough area to tackle. Pure modeling and dashboard products lack context for companies without the right team to utilize them. Pure services are often times too expensive and incentivized to over-bill and drag out projects. Enjoy automation built and backed by our expertise and passion.

“The KPI Sense team took a fundamentally different approach to my business than any other outsourced CFO I have worked with. The other CFO firms didn't understand SaaS or all the different KPIs and metrics and couldn't seem to keep up with all of my data. Once I signed on with the KPI Sense team, I felt relieved. They understood my business, were easy to work with, fast, and most importantly, made me feel comfortable with my numbers again.”

Ethan Linkner, COO at LearnCore

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