SaaS KPI Metrics and Dashboards

One platform backed by guided expertise from start to finish. From the day-to-day to your next big funding round, we’re ready to jump in and make your life a whole lot easier (and help your business grow and scale more efficiently). Here’s how:

The amount of KPI metrics in the SaaS space can be overwhelming. Calculating them is often confusing and time-consuming, leading to inaccurate data and incorrect results.

The KPI Sense Platform pulls data from across your tech stack to calculate crucial metrics and display in easy-to-digest visualized dashboard. Our team of SaaS finance experts will help you understand what story your metrics tell. Then, you can confidently share the narrative with your board or investors.

How does it work?

We’ll work with you to:

  • Identify a KPI strategy for your specific company
  • Determine which KPIs make the most sense to illustrate and analyze your business
  • Create board-ready dashboards for you and your team
  • Develop concrete visualizations to show investors why you’re great
  • Analyze your business performance compared to your goals
  • Suggest how to use improve your chosen KPIs

See the platform for yourself:

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