A Full Financial Solution for SaaS + Technology Companies

Industry standard metrics + your financial story + our expertise and automation = More interested investors, happier board members, and more informed business decisions. Put your best foot forward.

Let’s face it: traditional finance systems are not built for your recurring revenue business model. Making sense of your financial data to share with your board or investors is time-consuming and confusing.

Whether you’re actively fundraising or looking to optimize and maintain your current finance system,  our expertise combined with our automated processes eliminate guesswork and provide the context needed to confidently drive your business forward.

Looking to Fundraise?

Prepare your financial story and share it with your investors. Our dashboards and financial models have helped over 100 companies raise $5 billion of capital to date—we know what investors want to see.

What you’ll receive:

  • Historical KPI Dashboard with all the SaaS metrics investors are looking for, updated monthly as new results come in
  • Forward-looking forecasting based on the SaaS business model. No more guessing on business decisions.
  • Expert sessions with us each month to provide insights, sharpen your strategy, and equip you to best share your story.

Not Actively Fundraising

Set up your financial and customer metrics and prepare a dashboard to share with your board each month. No more copy and pasting charts into slides.We’ll equip you with the insights to make informed decisions derived from your data.

What you’ll receive:

  • Historical KPI Dashboard with all the SaaS metrics that show the details of your business, updated monthly as new results come in that can be used for board reporting
  • Access to KPI Sense's forecasting to help you run scenario analysis and plan for the future
  • Variance analysis and reporting so you can understand how actual performance compared to your budget
  • Expert sessions each month to help you interpret your results and optimize for the future
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