SaaS Customer Cohort Analysis Tools

While every company's leaders understand that their customers' actions significantly impact their performance, not everyone knows the reasoning behind some of these actions. Customer cohort tracking helps clear up these questions by providing you with detailed reports showing the why, when, and how behind your customers' behaviors, helping you determine your next course of action.

At KPI Sense, our business-to-business (B2B) software as a service (SaaS) cohort modeling turns your cohort retention data into clear insights into your company's performance. We do the most to help you make sense of even your most complex business data.

Our Cohort Retention Analysis Tools

Cohort analysis, also known as retention analysis, is the study of how customer characteristics like engagement and spending change over time. Customer cohort tracking helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers and overall performance. With this information, they can determine where to make changes and better achieve their business goals.

While cohort analyses are undoubtedly useful for your company, these assessments produce high data volumes that can be difficult to evaluate and distill into insights. That's where KPI Sense comes in. Our SaaS customer cohort analysis tools aggregate all of your cohort retention data with exceptional speed and accuracy you can't get with manual processes. Then, it turns this data into clear, easily digestible information in the form of straightforward graphs, charts, and tables that you can use to inform decisions for your organization. 

How Our B2B SaaS Cohort Modeling Tools Work

When you use our cohort retention analysis reporting tools, you can expect support from our skilled and knowledgeable financial gurus, who will work with you to:
  • Create comprehensive dashboards. 
  • Develop compelling visualizations to show your progress.
  • Analyze your company's performance compared to its goals.
  • Transform your cohort retention data into straightforward metrics.
  • Identify opportunities to improve customer retention.

Benefits of Customer Cohort Tracking

When your company uses cohort analysis lifetime value modeling, you can expect to experience many advantages that will help you grow your business, such as:
  • Assessing performance: When you use our SaaS customer cohort analysis tool, you can get a clear understanding of how your business is performing based on your customers' behaviors, helping you determine your current and long-term business health. 
  • Gaining valuable insights: Your cohort retention analysis will provide you with crucial information you may not have had before, such as unique customer behaviors and patterns. Then, you can determine what these characteristics mean for your business and discover new opportunities for improvement.
  • Maintaining accuracy: Instead of manually collecting and compiling cohort retention data, our program automatically does it for you while separating your customers into independent cohort groups, providing you with the most accurate results possible.
  • Informing business decisions: When you can see where retention is rising and falling and understand the reasons behind the numbers, you can use this information from your B2B SaaS cohort model to help you make more informed decisions that will positively impact your business.

Determine Your Cohort Analysis Lifetime Value With KPI Sense Today

You can drive more results for your business with cohort tracking tools from KPI Sense. We help our customers share their financial stories by aggregating, optimizing, and reporting their data in a way that's easy to understand.

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